Living in Dubai – 10 Reasons Why it’s the Perfect Place to Call Home

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Dubai Safe City

The city of gold, Dubai, is well-known for a variety of reasons. It is a major travel destination that draws visitors from all over the world. The city, which is also known as a “shopper’s paradise,” is home to enormous malls, top-notch attractions, breathtaking architecture, and a plethora of other intriguing locations.

That being said, Dubai offers much more than just these sights. There are numerous reasons why this place deserves to be named home. Without further ado, let’s look at the benefits of moving to Dubai if you’re seeking a new location to call home.

Dubai Safe City

10 Reasons Why You Should Move to Dubai

An Upscale Lifestyle

Dubai offers a remarkably comfortable and convenient lifestyle. Indeed, it wouldn’t be incorrect to argue that Dubai’s luxurious lifestyle draws a large number of people. This is one of the main explanations for why globally renowned celebrities own real estate in Dubai, especially in Palm Jumeirah, a location renowned for its extravagant and ultra-luxurious lifestyle.

Long-term Residency

Because there were few alternatives for long-term residency in Dubai in the past, many people were reluctant to relocate there. But since Dubai implemented the introduction of the silver and platinum visas, things have altered. Moreover, Dubai offers a visa specifically for real estate investors. These are essentially renewable, long-term visas for Dubai that can be obtained by anyone who satisfies the requirements.

Low Crime Rate

This one will persuade you to relocate to Dubai if the previous ones don’t. Dubai is the sixth safest city in the world to live in, per new research. The neighboring country of Abu Dhabi has the top position. This demonstrates unequivocally that Dubai has a relatively low crime rate. The emirate’s tight laws and their application are primarily to blame. Individuals generally feel safer in areas with lower crime rates.

No Tax

For many people, Dubai’s No Tax option is still very alluring when it comes to making it their second home. And the primary cause of this is the absence of income tax on salaries. You keep all of the money you make. But corporation tax was recently announced by the Ministry of Finance. Commercial enterprises making more than AED 375,000 will be subject to it.

Vibrant Social Life

There is a lot to see and do in Dubai, as was already said. And that implies that there are lots of chances to lead a busy social life. There are discotheques and lovely parks around the emirate. It’s safe to assume that if you choose to relocate to Dubai, you won’t have a dull minute.

Having said that, pleasant towns, which are slightly remote but yet reasonably accessible, and have a serene atmosphere, can provide comfort to those who prefer to avoid the bustle of city life. In this sense, properties in Arabian Ranches are ideal.

Entrepreneurial and Employment Opportunities

Every year, a large number of people relocate to Dubai. Although the majority of them come for vacation and shopping, a sizable portion of them relocate to the emirate in search of work, which is widely available there. This is mostly because there are so many international organizations.


Likewise, there are many options for starting a business in Dubai. There are several benefits to establishing a business here, the most notable of which is the absence of taxes. The emirate does impose corporate taxes on organizations, as we just discussed, however, small enterprises with less than AED 375,000 in income are not subject to them.

Suitable for Families

What qualities does a family look for in a home? Nice surroundings, good education, and family-friendly amenities, right? All of it is available in Dubai. Dubai has a large number of family-friendly neighborhoods that are ideal for both residents and foreigners. The majority of them are safe, gated communities with all the amenities a family might want.

Good Education

To reiterate the last point, the emirate is home to numerous globally renowned educational institutions that provide top-notch instruction. Although they are dispersed throughout Dubai, the most notable ones can be found in Dubai Academy City.

Sunshine All Year Round

It’s crucial to understand the weather before relocating to Dubai. If you’re from a colder climate, you can take comfort in the fact that Dubai experiences year-round sunshine. There’s not a trace of snow. Nevertheless, throughout the summer, it could get too hot to manage. Luckily, it gets comparatively colder in the evenings. Every building has air conditioning installed as well.

Diverse Multinational Expat Community

You might be shocked to hear that almost 88.50% of people living in Dubai are foreigners. Due to this, expatriates can find a diversified and multicultural community in Dubai. There are very few examples of conflicts between cultures, religions, and communities here.

People in the city are allowed to live their lives as they like and have a pretty modern attitude. Nonetheless, there are laws that people are supposed to follow. It is still frowned upon and against the law for people of different genders to live together unmarried. In a same vein, same-sex partnerships are taboo. These variables may result in jail time or other penalties.

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